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In this article we will adopt animate*asState from Jetpack Compose for using with regular Android Views

Working with user interfaces sometimes is not an easy job. On Android you have a bunch of presentation layer architectural patterns like MVP, MVI, MVVM, which are managing a view in a slightly different manner.

But in the end you are just changing a view state, no matter what pattern you are using.

You might want to show or hide something, change color, height, scale or whatever else. …

Hey! At the moment of writing this article Jetpack Compose is hit 1.0.0-rc1. Yay. This framework is definitely a future of android development, and it seems like it’s time to get your hands dirty ;)

At this article we will develop instagram like emoji reactions animation. Let’s see final result and see how it can be achieved

My Jetpack Compose implementation:

Hey, as 2021 developers we have a lot of options to execute simple tasks. Hundreds of amazing open source libraries are available on GitHub, allowing us as developers write less code.

But there is a downside of it, very often developers (such as myself) do not understand how these libraries are working internally.

This article goal is to show how such simple procedure as image downloading into ImageView can be done using only Android SDK and pure Threads (once i was asked exact same question on one of interview). So let’s start.

As an example we will implement simple app…

Andrei Belous

Android Developer

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